You must:

• Have network connectivity in your electrical box through a UTP cable with RJ45 connector (Please refer to the manual for DME-LAN-002 for configuring the IP address).

• Then check that your DME-LAN-002 is connected to Internet (check with your installer to change network settings).

• You must create an account at Home on web by filling in the appropriate fields (Name, address, MAC address, username, email address, password).
• The MAC address must be on the local page of your DME-LAN-002 (192.168.1.XX). The information in the MAC address is available only from the 2.0 version of DME-LAN-002 (for earlier versions, please contact our helpdesk on 04 / 372.07.16 or
• Access to Home on Web is effective immediately after registration. A confirmation email will be sent once your registration completed.
• When a new version of Home on Web is released, your browser continues to use old files, which may causes problems. Emptying the cache of your browser allows to obtain the latest version of Home On Web..

• Manipulations are different for each browser, so click the browser that you use to go directly to the handling to be performed:

• Check that all your information has been entered correctly (email address, MAC address).

• The version of your DME-LAN-002 may not be updated. In this case, please contact our helpdesk on 04/372.07.16 or